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Is iAmpRemote compatible with iOS 5?



Can I use iAmpRemote with my Mac?

No. The iAmpRemote plugin requires a windows computer (98, XP, Vista, 7) with Winamp 5.x.


Can I use iAmpRemote with Aimp2 instead of Winamp?

Many users have reported success with iAmpRemote and Aimp2, but you'll need to turn off "Enable Vis" under iAmpRemote in iPhone settings.


How do I access my playlists with iAmpRemote?

iAmpRemote contains a Playlist Library feature that lets you browse and load playlists from your Winamp Media Library. You can launch the Winamp Media Library from the Winamp main menu or by pressing Alt+L. Create or import your playlists into the playlist section, and restart Winamp for iAmpRemote to detect the new playlists.


Will iAmpRemote stream audio to my iPhone?

iAmpRemote is a remote control for Winamp. It does not stream audio to the iPhone.


I can't get it to connect. I keep getting a "Connection Failed" message or Black Screen on my iPhone. What am I doing wrong?

Configuring devices to work on a network can be tricky, and it varies for everyone depending on their hardware and software. Here are a few things to try:

  • Go into the plugin settings for iAmpRemote in Winamp and change the port number to 61234 (instead of 1120). Then go into the iAmpRemote settings on your iPhone and make the same change. You will need to restart iAmpRemote after that.
  • Make sure your firewall is not blocking TCP port 1120 (or 61234). A possible test to see if your firewall is the issue, is to temporarily disable it. (Note if you choose to disable your firewall, you do so at your own risk!).
  • Are both your computer and iPhone on the same network? Are you getting WiFi reception on your iPhone?
  • Have you set the correct IP address on the iPhone settings page under iAmpRemote? You can get the IP of your computer by opening a command prompt, and entering the command "ipconfig".
  • You can check if there is a network path between your computer and iPhone by using ping. Get the IP address of your iPhone by going to Settings->Wi-Fi and touching the blue arrow next to the network name. Note down the IP address shown there. Go back to your computer, open a command prompt and type ping followed by the iPhone IP. e.g. "ping". If you don't get a reponse, or it times-out then you might have a problem with the configuration of your network.

If you have checked all the above and are still seeing the error message, you may wish to consider getting help from a friend with experience configuring networks.


I keep getting an error when I load winamp "Connection Error: Please make sure your firewall isn't blocking port 1120.". What do I do?

First try restating your computer. A simple restart can fix some problems. If it persists, try the advice shown in the previous FAQ item.


Why is the Install button grayed out when I run the plugin installer?

Do you have winamp installed? If you do, press browse and point it to the location of winamp on your hard disk. If it's still grayed out, then go to the downloads page and get the Alternate Download plugin file called gen_iphone.dll. Download this file, close winamp and move it into the winamp plugins folder. For most people this is C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\. You may need to restart your computer afterwards.


Why doesn't iAmpRemote connect sometimes if I launch it right after unlocking?

If the iPhone/iPod has been locked for while, it turns off the WiFi to conserve power. After unlocking, the phone sometimes requires a few seconds to reaquire the WiFi signal. Please wait for the WiFi icon in the top left on the screen prior to launching iAmpRemote.


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